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The City of Senatobia is a thriving, bustling, growing community located only 30 minutes south of Memphis , Tennessee . Senatobia is the county seat of Tate County and is located along Interstate 55. Senatobia’s population is about 8,500 people, while Tate County has about 28,000. As our community grows, so does our reputation as a great place to live!

In Senatobia, you will find a superb quality of life with excellent public and private schools from kindergarten through the community college level; easy access to universities and continuing education; inviting, well-kept neighborhoods and affordable homes; retail shopping; recreation for the whole family; and good, solid hometown values. The quality of life in Senatobia is one of the best, complemented by a cost of living that is among the best in the nation.

Senatobia is home to the main campus of Northwest Mississippi Community College and to two excellent K-12 school systems: Senatobia Public Schools and Magnolia Heights School.

According to a published history of Tate County , the City of Senatobia was founded on two sections of land purchased in 1834 from the Chickasaw nation for $1.25 per acre. The name “Senatobia” was derived from the Indian word ” Senatohoba ,” which means “white Sycamore” and is a symbol of ” rest for the weary.” Senatobia received its charter as a municipality in 1860.

Senatobia: A Brief History

On April 13, 1834 early settler James Peters purchased two sections of land from the Chickasaw Nation for the sum of $1.25 per acre. The land purchased later became the town of Senatobia. The name Senatobia was derived from the Indian word Senatohoba, which means “White Sycamore” and is a symbol of “rest for the weary.” Charles Meriwether named Senatobia.

Senatobia was originally a rest stop on the trail leading to Hot Springs, Ark. According to legend, the Indians discovered the curative powers of the hot springs and periodically made long trips to Arkansas, stopping to rest in the area that became Senatobia. After the Tennessee and Mississippi Railroad came through in 1856, Senatobia became a railroad station. New commerce came with the railroad and Senatobia saw immediate growth.

Senatobia, the county seat for Tate County, received its charter as a municipality in 1860, thirteen years prior to the creation of Tate County and just one year before the beginning of the Civil War. During the course of the Civil War, Senatobia’s business section was burned twice by Federal Troops.

The 1880 census accounted for over fifty active businesses, a newly established newspaper and several physicians in Senatobia.

We were here in 1873 when Tate County was formed from parts of DeSoto, Marshall and Tunica Counties.

We were here in 1875 when the courthouse was built in Senatobia.

We are here today, citizens from all walks of life who are descended from our forefather pioneers in Tate County, population 21,000 plus, where we enjoy the fruits of labor of the many who have passed before us.

Senatobia is part of the territory explored by Hernando DeSoto and Spanish soldiers in 1540 in the historic State of Mississippi.

Our soils, rivers and forests were here in 1798 when Mississippi became a territory of the newly formed United States of America.

Our native American ancestors were here in 1817 when Mississippi entered the Union as the twentieth state.

We were here when DeSoto County became one of the first counties to open up to settlers.

We were here in 1861 when Mississippi was the second to secede from the Union and in 1870 when Mississippi was re-admitted to the union.

Through the years…