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Who needs to have a Privilege License issued by the City of Senatobia?2023-06-16T14:44:18-05:00

All individuals and companies who engage in business of any kind within the corporate limits of the City of Senatobia are required by State Law to have a Privilege License.

How do I get a Privilege License?2023-06-16T14:44:30-05:00

Privilege Licenses may be obtained by filling out an application and payment of applicable fee at City Hall during normal business hours.

For how long is a Privilege License good?2023-06-16T14:45:13-05:00

Privilege Licenses are issued October 1 and are valid through September 30. Licenses issued during the year are prorated to expire September 30.

How much does a Privilege License cost?2023-06-16T14:45:43-05:00

The minimum fee is $20.00. However, the cost of each license is based on the type of business, the number of employees, and the value of the store inventory.

When do the Mayor and Board of Aldermen meet?2023-06-16T14:46:39-05:00

The regular monthly meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen is the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5:00 P.M.

Are meetings of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen open to the public?2023-06-16T14:47:12-05:00

Yes, all meetings of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen are open to the public.

What if I disagree with the value that is set on my property?2023-06-16T14:46:25-05:00

The Tate County Board of Supervisors holds a public hearing each year prior to approving the assessment roll.

How does the City determine the value of my property?2023-06-16T14:46:13-05:00

The property tax roll is prepared by the Tate County Tax Assessor, then reviewed and approved by the Tate County Board of Supervisors. After approval, the roll is provided to the City.

Where are City and School Taxes paid?2023-06-16T14:45:57-05:00

City and Municipal School District property taxes are collected by the Tate County Tax Collector located at the Tate County Courthouse, 201 South Ward Street .

What is the physical address of City Hall?2023-06-16T14:43:50-05:00

City Hall is located at 133 North Front Street.

When is the City Hall open?2023-06-16T14:44:03-05:00

Normal business hours for City Hall are from 8:00 A.M. until Noon and 1:00 P.M. until 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. City offices are closed on holidays and weekends.

How can I get copies of public documents?2023-06-16T14:47:27-05:00

All public documents of the City of Senatobia are available for review at the City Hall during working hours. Original copies of public documents may not be removed from City Hall for any purpose. Any public document may be copied upon written request and payment of a nominal charge.

How much is my bill?2023-06-16T14:48:23-05:00

If you did not receive your bill, or if it has been lost or misplaced, please call the utility billing office at 562-5251 to get the amount due.

When are bills mailed?2023-06-16T14:48:36-05:00

Bills are mailed the last business day of each month.

When are payments due?2023-06-16T14:48:50-05:00

Payment is due by the 10th of each month and a 10% penalty is applied if not paid in full by the 10th.

Can you draft my bank account each month for my utility bill?2023-06-16T15:05:27-05:00

Yes. We can draft your designated bank account each month for the amount due on the 10 th . You will receive your normal utility bill each month; however, it will be marked “paid by bank draft”.

How do I set up a monthly bank draft?2023-06-16T15:05:41-05:00

Call 662-562-5251 or come by the Utility Billing Office. We have a one page form to complete. If you come to the office, bring a voided check from the account you wish to draft so we can get the proper bank routing and account numbers.

Do you have an equal payment plan?2023-06-16T15:05:54-05:00

We do not offer level billing at this time.

Do you take credit cards and debit cards?2023-06-16T15:06:41-05:00

Yes, but online payments only here at this link:

Pay utility bill/court fees online

Do you take two party checks?2023-06-16T15:06:57-05:00


What is your cut-off procedure and reconnect policy?2023-06-16T15:07:12-05:00

Late notices are mailed around the 15th of each month (depending on holidays and weekends). A cut-off date is shown on this notice. Your account must be paid in full by 5:00 PM the day before cut-off in order to avoid a $ 50.00 delinquent fee (this includes online payments, night depository payments and walk-in payments). If your account is still delinquent at 8:00 AM on the day of cut-off, a $ 50.00 delinquent fee will be added to the account even if City Personnel has not disconnected your service, yet. In order to reconnect, you must pay your account in full plus pay the $ 50.00 delinquent fee. Your service will be reconnected during normal working hours, which maybe the next business day after your payment is made. Your actual reconnection time will be determined by the workload of our reconnect crew.

Can I make partial payments on my account?2023-06-16T15:07:26-05:00

No, the bill must be paid in full, unless arrangements are made to pay off a previous account balance.

Do you have a payment extension policy?2023-06-16T15:07:40-05:00

Yes, the City will grant an extension of payment for an outstanding regular monthly utility bill for any customer. Subject to the following:

  • Two (2) extensions of payment may be granted each calendar year.
  • The extension period is from the “cut-off” date until 2:00PM on the last business day of the month. If payment is not received in full by 2:00 PM on the last business day of the month, utilities will be disconnected.
  • Extensions will not be granted the day of cut-off.
Do you transfer deposits?2023-06-16T15:07:54-05:00


Who do I call for tapping fees?2023-06-16T15:08:08-05:00

Contact the Utility Billing Office. (662) 562-5251

How much is my deposit for water and gas?2023-06-16T15:08:29-05:00

The amount can vary; call (662) 562-5251.

What do I need to bring to set up new service?2023-06-16T15:08:40-05:00

A government issued picture ID (i.e., driver’s license). If renting or buying, you must bring your lease or purchase agreement. Also, bring money to pay your deposit.

Will I need to be home for service to be turned on?2023-06-16T15:08:54-05:00


Will the serviceman light my pilots?2023-06-16T15:09:07-05:00


Do the servicemen from the water and gas department have to come inside to turn on my service?2023-06-16T15:09:20-05:00


Where do I report a water leak?2023-06-16T15:09:33-05:00

During regualr business hours call 562-5251 or 562-8288. After hours and on weekends, call 911.

Where do I report a gas leak?2023-06-16T15:09:47-05:00

Leave the structure immediately. Then call 911 from a neighbor’s house or your cell phone.

What is the non-emergency number and addresses for the fire departments?2023-06-16T15:10:07-05:00

Station # 1 137 N Front St
Senatobia , MS 38668
Telephone: 662-562-5631

Station # 2 1101 Scott St
Senatobia , MS 38668
Telephone: 662-560-6421 Fax: 662-560-6433

Station #3 12235 Hwy 4 W
Senatobia , MS 38668
Telephone: 662-562-8881

What is the city’s fire rating classification?2023-06-16T15:10:20-05:00

Class 6

What do I need to do if I need to burn something in the city?2023-06-16T15:10:34-05:00

We currently do not issue burn permits. You do need to call and let the fire department know if you are planning on burning. The burning consists of leaves, sticks, and some wood products (we recommend keeping fires 50 ft away from any structures). Sometimes burn bans are issued throughout the state curing extremely dry periods, which will prohibit any outside burning.

What do I do if I smell gas?2023-06-16T15:11:09-05:00

For any gas smells, please leave the structure first, and then call 911 immediately from a neighbor’s house or from your cell phone. The fire department will respond along with the City of Senatobia utility employees. Please leave the house and do not re-enter until the gas smell has been cleared.

Do we have storm sirens?2023-06-16T15:11:27-05:00

When the City of Senatobia is notified by the National Weather Service of a possible tornado in the area, we will activate the three storm sirens within the city. Storm sirens are tested weekly at Noon on Saturdays, weather permitting.

What else can I do in the event of bad weather?2024-03-08T14:53:36-06:00

We recommend that every family and business purchase a weather alert radio and tune it to receive the National Weather Service warnings for this area. If you need assistance properly tuning the radio, please contact Chief Ethan Foresman at Fire Station #1.

What do I do if I need a fire report?2023-06-16T15:11:56-05:00

Call any of the three fire stations.

Can someone from the Senatobia Fire Department speak to my school or organization?2024-03-08T14:53:55-06:00

Contact Chief Ethan Foresman at Fire Station #1 and he will be glad to assist.

How do I become a volunteer or full time fireman?2023-06-16T15:12:25-05:00

You may come by station #1 and fill out an application. The members vote all volunteers into the department. We have a committee that will come to speak to you and your family and will recommend you for a vote. If you would like to apply for a full-time fireman’s position (paid city employee), pick up an employment application at City Hall or Station #1.

Will you inspect my home or business?2024-03-08T14:54:09-06:00

Please contact Chief Ethan Foresman at Fire Station #1 and we’ll be glad to send our inspector to your home or business to review your fire safety. We change smoke detector batteries at no cost.

What number do I call to reach Municipal Court to inquire about an arrest or a traffic ticket?2023-06-16T15:12:53-05:00


Where is Municipal Court held?2023-06-16T15:13:06-05:00

In the South end of the Police Department building located at 131 North Front Street.

When is court held?2023-06-16T15:13:19-05:00

If you have received a ticket or have been arrested, your court date and time should be revealed within your copy provided by the police officer.

May I pay my ticket prior to court in order to avoid an appearance?2023-06-16T15:13:44-05:00

Yes, provided you have been charged with a traffic violation other than a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DUID (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs). We now accept payment online, but traffic ONLY at this link:

Pay utility bill/court fees online

Where is the Police Department located?2023-06-16T15:13:59-05:00

131 North Front Street

What is the Police Department phone and fax number?2023-06-16T15:14:18-05:00

Phone: 662-562-5643

Fax: 662-560-0355

If my driver’s license has been suspended, where do I call to validate my license?2023-06-16T15:14:43-05:00

epartment of Public Safety in Jackson, MS (View their website for more information)

Where do I go to get a driver’s license?2023-06-16T15:15:23-05:00

Miss. Highway Patrol Driver’s License Stations
160 License Dr.
Nesbit, MS 38651

22000-A Hwy 35 East
Batesville, MS

Where is the Sheriff’s Office & Jail located?2023-06-16T15:15:43-05:00

#1 Justice Drive off Preston McKay Drive
Sheriff Office
Phone: 662-562-4434
Jail: 662-562-5466

Where is the library located?2023-06-16T15:16:22-05:00

222 South Ward Street
Phone 662-562-6791

I got a ticket from the Highway Patrol – Where do I pay it?2023-06-16T15:16:47-05:00

The County Justice Court in whatever county you received the ticket.
Tate County Justice Court is located @ 103 Preston McKay Dr.

Phone: 662-562-7626

There is a stray dog in my yard – Who do I call?2023-06-16T15:17:10-05:00

The Senatobia Police Dept. 662-562-5643 or the Animal Shelter. 662-562-0070

Why is the Police Dept. building closed after 5:00 PM, on weekends and holidays?2023-06-16T15:17:25-05:00

Senatobia Police Officers are dispatched by the Tate County Sheriff’s Department E911 Center. Dispatchers as well as officers are on duty 24 hours a day. Therefore the police building being closed has no effect on the services we provide. The 24 hour number to request non-emergency police assistance is 662-560-5692.

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